Mecanica utilizes the latest in cutting edge tools, technologies and methodologies in the areas of accident reconstruction and Event Data Recorders for documenting and analyzing accidents and related EDR data. The company also communicates its analysis and findings clearly and concisely to its clients.

Mecanica Scientific Services Corporation is proud to be one of only two authorized service providers of forensic data imaging services of heavy truck and bus “blackbox” or Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders for Volvo Trucks North America, Inc. and Mack Trucks, Inc.
  • Accident Reconstruction and Analysis of Motor Vehicle Accidents including:
            - Truck, Bus, Passenger Vehicle, Motorcycle, Bicycle, Pedestrian Accidents
  • Advanced 3D digital simulation and analysis

  • Access & Interpretation of Heavy Vehicle (Truck & Bus) Event Data
            Recorders (HVEDR)
    also known as "Blackboxes" or "ECM"
            - Western United States authorized service provider of data imaging
              services for Volvo Trucks North America, LLC and Mack Trucks, Inc.
  • Access and Interpretation of Light- & Medium-Duty Air Bag Control Module
            based Event Data Recorders (EDR) also known as "Blackboxes"
Highway / Vehicle Safety Research
and Testing
Vehicle and highway safety research and testing in the following areas including:

- highway safety research
- roadway testing
- collision analysis and research
- vehicle dynamics
- vehicle systems performance testing,
  documentation and analysis
Collision Analysis and
Expert Testimony
Expert testimony in the areas of accident reconstruction and analysis as well as the access and interpretation of EDR and HVEDR data.

Expertise in the documentation and analysis of highway vehicle accidents including pedestrian, bicycle, motorcycle, passenger car, light-, medium-duty truck, heavy duty truck and bus vehicles. Accident modes include single vehicle, multi-vehicle, rollovers, head-on, side impacts, and others.

Documentation methodologies include advanced digital video and photography, advanced 3D mapping of accident scenes and vehicles.

We specialize in the rapid response to major highway accidents.

Analysis methodologies include traditional engineering based analysis of physical evidence including crush analysis, momentum analysis and advance 3D digital simulation analysis using the Engineering Dynamics Corporation HVE Simulation Package.
Event Data Recorders (EDR) /
"Blackbox" Data
Access and interpretation of light- and medium-duty Air Bag Control Module based Event Data Recorders (EDR) utlizing the Bosch Crash Data Retrieval Tool or equivelant tool.

Access and interpretation of Heavy Vehicle Event Data Recorders (HVEDR) for:

-Detroit Diesel / Mercedes-Benz
- Mack Trucks(*)
- Volvo Trucks(*)
- Volvo Bus(*)

(*) Mecanica Scientific Services Corporation is the west coast authorized service provider of forensically neutral data imaging services for Volvo Trucks North America, LLC and Mack Trucks, Inc. Additional information can be viewed by downloading the information letters provided by Mack and Volvo here and by visiting